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            Infrared energy saving heater

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            Infrared energy saving heater

            Advantages of WD infrared heater:

            1、 Faster response time, up to 70 percent energy savings

            WD energy saving heater will radiate heat into the feed pipe immediately. The complete material pipe cover ensures that the heat is wrapped, so that your heating speed of the tube can be increased by 55%, and the energy saving is up to 70%.

            2、 Longer life

            WD energy saving heater is designed to work at a higher temperature than plastic processing, and it can achieve a long life by using mature industrial heater technology.

            3、 Maintenance of free cooling

            WD energy saving heater has a unique air cooling system, which is installed on the housing with a blower. The system directly absorbs the ambient air and cools it through the feed pipe. Unlike water cooling, corrosion of water cooling heating pipe is a problem. This cooling system will give you years of maintenance free operation and save you a lot of maintenance costs.

            4、 More stringent temperature control

            The direct radiation heating and direct air cooling of WD energy-saving heater can respond to the changing conditions of the barrel faster, reduce the overshoot and heat transfer lag time, so that even at very high operating temperature, the temperature control can be more strict.

            5、 Improve environment and increase safety

            WD energy saving heater adopts high-performance insulation material, which is relatively cool compared with other types of heaters, making the working environment very comfortable, and increases the safety of your facilities, eliminates the risk of burn and makes the operation more comfortable.

            6、 Simple design

            WD energy saving heater installation and removal is very simple. Only locking or loosening the buckle can be installed and removed, which is so easy.

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