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            Is the electric heater explosion proof

            author:click:68 release time:2021-02-19

            Electric heater can be used in explosion-proof or general places. It is generally used as instrument equipment and electronic computer interconnection TNC is bolt connected. The specifications and other levels are similar to BNC. The output power reaches 11GHz. The external thread type suitable vibration natural environment SMA is bolt connected. It is widely used, and the characteristic impedance is 50 and 75 ohm. When the 50 ohm bus is equipped with soft cable, the application frequency is less than 12.4ghz, The temperature of the material inlet and outlet is uniform, and the temperature control is high precision.

            It has wide coverage and strong adaptability: the cable with semi rigidity is larger than 26.5ghz SMB, which is lower than SMA, which is a plug-in locking structure. It is used as interconnection, commonly used for bolt connection from m to 2ghzsmc, and similar SMBs, with a wider frequency range. It is common in the national defense or high vibration natural environment, n-type RF connector is external thread type, and the material of insulation layer is gas, with low engineering cost and frequency of 11GHz. It is often seen on test equipment, and there are two McX and MMCX connectors with small size, which are used for intensive connection BMA is connected to blind plug connection of low power microwave system with frequency up to 18GHz.


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