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            Heating characteristics of pipeline explosion proof electric heater

            author:click:63 release time:2021-02-19

            The temperature of the heated gas is as high as 850 ℃, while the temperature of the shell is very low, only 50 ℃.

            The gas heating effect is good and the heating efficiency is high.

            Air heater temperature control, can automatically adjust the temperature rise or drop, the speed can reach 10 ℃ / s, although the adjustment is fast, but the operation of the heater is stable, safe and reliable.

            The air heater has good mechanical performance.

            It is durable and has a service life of several decades.

            The air heater has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, economy, environmental protection and less pollution.

            Remind you: the air heater is composed of electric heater and control cabinet. The heating element is made of high temperature resistance alloy wire, stainless steel tube as protective sleeve, and crystalline magnesium oxide filler after compression process. Its service life reaches the international advanced level. The control cabinet adopts advanced digital temperature controller, integrated circuit trigger and high back pressure silicon controlled rectifier to form temperature measurement, regulation and control system to ensure the normal operation of air heater under the set state. The air electric heater has the advantages of high thermal efficiency, good drying effect, easy installation and use, and small maintenance workload. It is suitable for the air conveying trough of power station, gasification of dust hopper of electrostatic precipitator, gasification of ash storage, flue gas desulfurization, etc. Selection of air heater: it is of great significance to select the appropriate air heater for the application, especially when operating at high temperature. When characteristics such as temperature, performance, and efficiency are important, an analysis of insulation material types can help the purchaser select the appropriate heater for their application. In order to choose the right heater, the power of the heater should be considered first. Power selection from the following two aspects to consider, only in line with the two conditions of the mat back heater is safe and stable.

            Under the working conditions, the calorific value is enough to maintain the medium temperature. From the initial state, the design of heating medium to the set temperature (working temperature) is realized according to the specified time requirements. According to the specific needs of customers, the design is developed.


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